The Renaissance Association of Château du Pailly was founded in 1998. In collaboration with the State, owner of the building, and with its representatives, it intends to animate, enhance and promote the Château du Pailly and its park. Its action is part of a local development and cultural initiation process.


Set up guided or free tours of the castle and the gardens, intended for all audiences (individual visitors, association groups, school groups, etc.).


Organise cultural events within the grounds of the castle and the gardens.


Make promotional efforts with the media, social networks and any other appropriate means of communication.


Set up and use educational materials within the grounds of the castle and the gardens.


Train volunteer guides to welcome the public and visiting groups.


Set up any other action contributing to the promotion of the Château and its gardens.



The association is made up of more than a hundred active members and benefactors. The Architect of Buildings of France (ABF), the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs (DRAC), the Prefect and a representative of the Departmental Council, the Community of Communes and the mayor of the municipality are members by right.


The association is looking for archives and testimonies relating to the history of the castle and the life of the inhabitants of the village (photos, postcards, letters, etc.). If you have such documents, we would be grateful if you could contact us.


To join the association:

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